Collaborations for Open Knowledge


By collaboration with universities and research institutes, we would like to promote the ideas of Open Hardware and Circular Economy also in scientific contexts.


The production of the Open Educational Resources (OER) of the Libre Solar Box is supported and funded by the Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU). We are represented as a HOOU team.

One goal is to integrate the developed system components also into seminars and project works at different universities.


We are an official student group of the Hamburg University of Applied Science (HAW Hamburg).

Fab Labs

With Fablabs we would like to demonstrate the possibilities of decentralized fabrication. We see fablabs as a room of knowledge transfer independently of graduation or age.


The Libre Solar Box was built in the Fab Lab St. Pauli (Hamburg, Germany). Our team meetings and workshops take place here. It is the perfect room for creativity and creation.

Open Hardware Projects

Existing Open Hardware Projects are the fundament of our work. We would like to research in socially relevant projects like energy, mobility, fabrication, architecture and agriculture.


We have started with the Libre Solar project which provides the needed electrical parts for building up a decentralized energy supply. With this project we want to show the possibilities of open hardware by reproducing the PCBs and developing a energy application with them.


The Open Source community is huge so we want to use synergies between different activities by sharing our work.


Together with Open Source Ecology Germany (OSEG) we are part of a collaborative community for open hardware and circular economy in germany. As a regional group we are developing together on key projects of the OSE Germany e.V. association.


Everyone is free to collaborate with us and participate in our collective. Just write us an email or contribute on Github.

We usually have our meetups on Thursdays at the Fabolous St.Pauli.