Step 4 - Pick and Place

Material Blue print of PCB, Solder paste
Tools Magnifying glasses, tweezers
Needed Skills
Good eye sight and firm hands
Time circa 60 minutes

Once the solder paste is applied to the PCB based, We now proceed with placing the electronic components.

Here you see the different between the PCB with soldermask but without electrical parts and the PCB with electrical parts.

Reading the PCB layout

Since there is a long list of components to be placed, It is easier to organize them in orderly fashion, for ex: starting with resistors of one class and then the next by referring the Items list as show below.

Reading the Blue print of PCB layout

Reading the Blue print of PCB layout

Placing the components

The electronic components are picked up with the help of tweezers and are placed on the PCB layout, for precision a magnifier lens can be used. Look carefully for the orientation of the components.

Tweezers at work

Inspection before proceeding to re-flow oven:

Once the step is completed, we do an inspection to see the pins are seated on the respective markings.

Reading the Blue print of PCB layout