Step 6 - THT soldering

Material Soldering wick, Rosin core
Tools Heat gun, Magnifying glass, Soldering gun
Needed Skills
Good eye sight and firm hands
Time circa 2 minutes for each irregular component

Caution: use handgloves during the time of usage.

Here you see the PCB with and without THT (Through Hole Technique) parts.

Identifying the Irregularities

In the picture shown below the identified displaced components will lead to component malfunction and short-circuits. The magnifying lens is used to thoroughly check other parts on the board for irregularities.

Common displaced electrical contacts

Removing the Irregularities with Heat gun

Using the Heat gun, the soldering is removed on the applied area. Also , soldering wick can be used to de-solder the joints.

Using Heat gun


Soldering with rosin core and soldering wick

Now that the components are placed correctly and soldered with the help of rosin core also Soldering wick can be used to avoid contacts between successive pins. re-soldering

Now it goes to the next stage of commissioning and testing, where thorough check is done on electrical contacts and short circuits.