Step 5 - Wiring Electric

Assembly interface bleding

The interface blending is the blending with sockets.

  • Put sockets with cables into the blending
  • Mount the interface bleding to the frame

Connect BMS

  • Solder cables to the on/off-switch.
  • Mount blue thick cables and USB+ to PWR- of BMS.
  • Mount red thick cables and USB- to PWR+ of BMS.
  • Connect two blue cables (- or +?) to two DC out sockets.
  • Connect two red cables to two DC out sockets.
  • Connect two thin cables from on/off-switch to BMS.

Connect to MPPT

  • Connect all cable ends without blade connectors to MPPT.
  • Check that these cable are well mounted.

Connect battery block

(In this part BAT- and BAT+ seems to be confused.I need resolve it.)

  • Remove isolation from main -.
  • Connect two cables to main -.
  • Connect thick blue cable to BAT- on BMS.
  • Connect two cables to main -
  • Connect balancing to BAT- on BMS. (Is this correct?) (Must the on/off switch must be off before add the fuse? How one can see it?)
  • Add fuse.
  • Check the voltage (where?): It must be around 12.8 V.
  • Switch off the on/off switch.
  • Check the voltages. It must be falling until 0. The voltage does not drop imidiatelly to 0, because there is remaining electric charge in the capacitors.
  • Swich on.
  • Check Voltage between POW+ and POW-. It must be about 12.8V.
  • Remove the fuse. (I missted this step in my notes. Is it correct here?).

Connect Raspberry

Optional you can use a Raspberry for monitoring the solarbox data.

  • Connect an internet cable to Raspberry
  • Connect the internet cable to BMS.
  • Connect an internet cable to CAN socket on the blending.
  • Connect the other end of the cable to BMS.
  • Mount the Raspbery with two-side tape to the box.