Tools and Environment

Before you can start with the assembly you need to prepare some tools and materials. For the assembly we recommend your local fablab and a group of people to do it togehter instead of yourself :)

Prepare tools and place

  • table
  • crimping tool
  • screwdriver
  • side cutter
  • allen wrench

Prepare material and components

  • Frame and Housing: based on the Open Hardware project UniProKit (UPK)
    • screws, nuts
    • T-slot alu profile
    • 3D printed corner elements / connectors
    • bottom plate
    • housing plates

You can find the complete BOM (bill of materials) for the boxframe at the project webpage of the UniProKit.


  • Battery pack
    • 3D printed battery case: bottom and cap -> download link
    • battery cells
    • cell connectors
  • electrical components
    • Libre Solar components -> MPPT, BMS, (optional: CAN2Wifi)
    • (optional: RaspberryPi0)
    • wires - power wires (6 sq mm), balancing wires (2 sq mm)
    • ferrules, cable lugs
    • (optional: communication wire - ethernet cable)
  • plugs and switch
    • dc-output plugs (car plug, 2x)
    • solar input plugs (Weidmüller PV Stick allows assembly w/o crimping and is compatible to MC4. Clips should be removed that the plug can be unmounted without tools)
    • ON/OFF switch, pushbutton, integrated LED
    • (optional: usb plugs: if 5V USB output is needed. This can also be achieved with a USB adapter for car plugs)
    • (optional: RJ45 jacks (2x))
    • (optional: epaper display+conncetion wire)