Assembly Guide Introduction

In the following pages you will learn how to assembly a so called solarbox.

What is a Solarbox?

A Solarbox is a small scaled mobile energy systems consisting of batteries, electric components like a charge controller and connectors for connecting power generation like solarpanels or small wind turbines. It is used to provide electric energy when no electric plug is around. You can imagine of a big power bank for charging USB devices like cellphones.

The specifications of the introduced Solarbox which will be assembled in this stepguide you find under the chapter Open Hardware -> Libre Solar Box

The main components of the solarbox are

  • the boxframe
  • the electric parts (mppt charger and bms)
  • plugs and switches
  • the batteries

The electric components are based on the Libre Solar project we introduced the chapters before. So it is provided that the electric components are already finished and flashed. The solarpanels are not included in the box but can be connected from outside.

We are providing one type of solarbox. Due to it is an open source hardware project you can adjust every single module to your needs and wishes. The main intention of this assembly guide is the understunding which components are neccessary and how to connect them. Espacially the boxframe can be completely different from our proposal. Feel free to think of you own design and share it with the community :)


First we tell you what knowledge is neccessary in order to complete the stepguide.


It is followed by a little introduction into the tools and the environment you need for the assembly. After that you have each step for building up the box.