Possible Applications with Libre Solar

As described in the previous chapter, a local decentralized energy grid can be built using the Libre Solar components. The system architecture differs depending on the use case and the requirements made by the user to the system.

Stationary Application

A stationary structure can be used for example for the the energy supply of a small house or allotment gardening. Small in this case means low power requirements. It is not the goal to supply a large plant with 100 machines, but typical electrical loads in a 2 person household. If more power is needed it is possible to connect several components together to achieve a distributed system.

Typical stationary energy supply applications that are possbible with Libre Solar:

  • Apartments
  • Tiny houses
  • Fablabs

The following figure shows the general system architecture of a decentralized direct current (DC) energy grid. By pressing the red marked points, you will find a description of the individual components.

Mobile Applications

A mobile application means a location-independent provision of energy supply, so a power plant that supplies energy everywhere. The main requirement for a mobile energy source is the light weight. The largest weight factor is represented by the batteries which is defined by their energy density.

Typical mobile applications that are possible with Libre Solar:

  • Caravan / Camping bus, House Boat
  • Electric bicycle
  • Solar box

Under the term solar box can be understood a large power bank which we know for loading our mobile phones. So a solarbox is a big portable battery storage extended with plugs and switches to connect solarpanels and electrical devices. Further information can be found in our chapter Solar Box